Suresh Neelagaru, MD

About Dr. Suresh Neelagaru

Dr. Suresh Neelagaru MD - Lone Star CardiovascularDr. Suresh Neelagaru, MD, is a practicing cardiologist currently at the Southwest General Hospital in San Antonio, Texas, and is awaiting privileges at other local area hospitals. He has maintained a clinical practice while publishing numerous research articles and has been a primary investigator in numerous medical trials in vagal nerve stimulation, heart failure, and cardiac physiology. He has served as an expert medical witness on multiple pieces of legislation, and testified in front of both the house and senate subcommittees, including a bill for amputation prevention and limb salvage. Online patient testimonials regularly rate him as a top cardiologist making him highly recommended and highly sought after in his areas of interest. He enjoys deep sea fishing, reading, and writing, and can serve as your lifeline if the subject is english history after 1066.